Back Creek Farms Virginia Maple Syrup - Pint Glass Jug

Yes, Virginia, there IS pure maple syrup made here! And the flavor of Back Creek Farms Dark Amber rivals anything made north of the Mason/Dixon line. Enjoy your syrup in this distinctive embossed glass jug. A real taste treat!
Item Number: VLDS-0186

Making maple syrup has always been a way of life in the Allegheny Highlands of Virginia. Pat & Valerie Lowry of Back Creek Farms remember when steam filled the valley as each farm along Back Creek made enough syrup for themselves, and a little extra to sell.

Today, Back Creek Farms is the only working sugar house left there, and while innovating in new directions, they strive to maintain the strong tradition of Pure Virginia Maple Syrup.

Now... who wants some pancakes;-)

Jug contains 16 fl. oz. (one pint)

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