Storied Goods Exclusive Sampler: Rose Petal, Coffee, & Whiskey Sugar Cubes
Rose Petal, Coffee & Whiskey Sugar Cubes

Storied Goods Exclusive Sampler: Rose Petal, Coffee, & Whiskey Sugar Cubes

This trio includes one tin each of the Rose Petal, Coffee, & Whiskey sugar cubes so you can magically transform almost any drink, morning or evening, festive or reflective.
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Item Number: VLDS-0314

Rose Petal Sugar Cubes (A 2018 Made In Virginia Award Winner):

Drop one of these cubes in a cup of coffee, tea, glass of lemonade, or your Champagne, and watch it fizz. And then celebrate with a toast to everything good!

In the words of the Rose Petal Sugar Cube creator, Martha Bourlakas, "When the rose petals float through Champagne, that's a lovely moment. Life is hard and we need those lovely moments, no matter how small."

Ingredients: pure cane sugar, organic dried rose buds & petals, water.

Each tin contains 10 rose-petal-infused sugar cubes.

Coffee Sugar Cubes:

Transform your cup of coffee into a delicious specialty drink! Simply drop in a Storied Goods Coffee Cube & give a little stir for a subtly spicy, warm sweetness that is deee-lectable.

Ingredients: pure cane sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, & cloves

Each tin contains 10 flavor-infused sugar cubes.

Whiskey Sugar Cubes:

Storied Goods brings a little sweet to the bitter. Drop one of these cubes into your favorite whiskey for an instant cocktail with old-fashioned citrus and tart cherry flavors. Cheers to you and the many stories we all share!

Ingredients: pure cane sugar, orange zest, tart cherry juice (filtered water, tart cherry juice concentrate).

Each tin contains 10 orange-zest-&-tart-cherry-infused sugar cubes.

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