Complete Set of Sweetheart Sachets from Visual Treats
The full set of 3 Sweetheart Sachets

Complete Set of Sweetheart Sachets from Visual Treats

This Exclusive set of 3 Sweetheart Sachets includes Visual Treats' Floral Pattern, Blue Blossom, and Kitschy Cute designs, along with a whole lot of lovely lavender!
Please allow up to 2 days until these handmade items ship. Exact patterns will vary.
Item Number: VLDS-0297

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Get the full set and share a big bundle of lavender Sweetheart love with all three Exclusive Visual Treats Sweetheart Sachets!

Tuck one into a suitcase or dresser drawer, or in the nook of your favorite cozy hangout spot, and let the lavender freshness abound.

Keep in mind, these are handmade, and the exact orientation of the patterns on each sachet will vary from item to item.

Each Sweetheart Sachet is generously filled with a grown-in-Provence lavender and buckwheat blend that subtly fills its surroundings with a fresh, lovely scent.

Sweethearts are created from the Visual Treats treasure trove of vintage prints, linens, bark cloth, and chintz & comes backed with pillow ticking stripes.

Each delightful heart measures approximately 6 inches wide by 7 inches tall.

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