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Exclusive Holiday Collection from Blackwater Bitters (Six 1oz bottles & wooden carrier)

Add some zest to your food & drinks! The Holiday Bitters Collection includes one bottle each of the following 6 flavors:
  • Apple & Oak
  • Aromatic
  • Cedar
  • Coffee
  • Grapefruit
  • Rosemary
Item Number: VLDS-0144

Blackwater Bitters is honored to bring local bartenders, culinary & cocktail experts, and general citizenry high quality, hand-crafted bitters. Your cocktail CAN taste better, and a little goes a long way with their unique blends.

Don’t imbibe? Not to worry! Bitters can be used in coffee, tea, water and more; or, to add an added layer of excitement to your mocktails! If you want to test the flavor before adding to your beverage, place a drop or two onto the back of your hand to taste.

The Rosemary, Aromatic, Cedar, and Apple and Oak are quite fitting for holiday influenced cocktails (and others too, of course), whereas the Grapefruit and Coffee offer an alternative for different drink applications.

With this Exclusive Holiday Collection, you can keep all of your bitters together in one spot & make a complete set of these complex flavor enhancers at a discounted price. Not only will your bartending game be amplified, but you can show off a little local craftsmanship!

A little bit about each flavor...

Apple and Oak Bitters
• Apples for these carefully crafted bitters were sourced from local orchards and are finished with a distinct smoky note from oak chips. Easily incorporate this blend into your fall beverage concoctions, add to a cider, or even your morning coffee.

Seasonal Cedar Bitters
• Get your cedar bitters before winter sets in for good! A simple, but complex, mixture of smoked cedar wood, Peruvian bark, wild cherry bark, cardamom and wormwood, we can promise this blend will not let you, or your glass of bourbon, down.

Coffee Bitters
• Natural layers of bitterness from the cacao and coffee beans (shout out to Lynchburg's own Hill City Coffee for their delicious air roasted Sumatra beans) are smoothed and accented by notes of orange peel and cinnamon, and sweetened with a touch of molasses.

Aromatic Bitters
• An intense and versatile flavor, cinnamon and other warm spices are punctuated by the strength of gentian root and birch bark, with a hint of celery seed on the finish. Pairing extraordinarily well with bourbon and whiskey, these flavors also mix well with a number of other spirits and non-alcoholic beverages alike. Don’t forget to add a few drops to your marinades or homemade salad dressings.

Rosemary Bitters
• Imagine sitting by the fire with a hot toddy, cider or cup of tea. This blend is all about the warmness, from the warming pungency of sarsaparilla and rosemary, coupled with the favorited spices of clove and cinnamon and a trace of peppercorn--you'll never grow cold again. For a spin on an old fashioned, add two droppers.

Grapefruit Bitters
• Grapefruit and Hops are the main flavor profiles detected in this blend. These along with Coriander, Cardamom, and Rosemary add a refreshing punch to any clear spirit, especially tequila.