Shining Sol Mermaid Cove Scented Soy Candle - Wax Melts

Put these wax melts in your warmer and grace your home with the uplifting scent of Exotic Orchids...
Item Number: VLDS-0064

Imagine a beautiful hidden cove when you enjoy the soothing aroma of crisp sea salt and exotic orchid with this package of five Mermaid Cove soy wax melts. Each of the five Wax Melt bars has six individual cubes.

Manassas-based Shining Sol Candle Company was founded in 2012 by award winning musician, producer, and author Pete Evick. In addition to his role at Shining Sol, Pete works with Rock Icon and TV reality star Bret Michaels as his guitarist and music director, among other duties. While on a long overdue break from touring the world years ago, Pete developed an interest in candle making. While it started as a quiet hobby in his seemingly loud life, he also decided that starting an online business of some kind would help teach his kids the skills and thrills of entrepreneurism. In an ever-changing world where job stability has all but disappeared he felt running a business of his own would be an invaluable lesson for his children, and starting a candle company became the obvious choice; and so Shining Sol was formed.

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