Shiitake Seasoning & Rub from HaaShrooms
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Shiitake Seasoning & Rub from HaaShrooms

Add some spicy zest with this unique blend that includes Shiitake mushrooms mixed with all-natural seasonings!
Item Number: VLDS-0308

Founded in 2010, HaaShrooms is a 65 acre mushroom farm owned and operated by Steve and Elizabeth Haas in Goochland, Virginia. Steve is a local grower and wild mushroom/wild plant expert of 30 years who leads year-round guided forays both locally and around the world, with the hope to teach others how to identify and locate wild edible foods. Their goal is to produce small batch, handcrafted products that showcase the health benefits derived from the miracle of mushrooms and foraged plants.

This gluten-free, sugar-free, and organic mushroom rub and seasoning pairs perfectly with steak, chicken, pork, veggies, tofu and stir-fry! Tastes great and great for you.

Ingredients: Shiitake mushroom, organic paprika, organic garlic powder, organic onion powder, himalayan sea salt, cayenne pepper, and black pepper.

Each jar contains 2 oz. of seasoning blend.

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