Speedy's #46 "Citrus Jalapeno" from Speedy's Hot Sauce

This is Speedy's mildest sauce, made from jalapenos & poblanos, with a tang of lime juice & the brightness of cilantro.
Item Number: VLDS-0239

Jimmy Miller of Virginia Beach, creator of Speedy's Hot Sauces, says his stimulating concoctions are "created out of a necessity for flavor and burn.  With the Speedy's sauces, I was after a complex and rich smoky flavor, because sauce should enhance what you're eating, not overpower it."

All of Speedy's sauces are made from fresh produce and locally grown peppers.

Each bottle contains 5 fluid ounces.

This original recipe scores a 3 out of 10 on Speedy's Hot Sauce Heat Index.

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